“We can now dare to dream”, this is what the Egyptians shouted out in Tahrir Square during the 25th of January revolution. Not only was this the start of a political change but it was also the initiating spark for millions to find their passion, identify their dreams and work on achieving them.

Our special guests for the event are:

  1. Mohammad Radwan, co-founder of iceCairo, a green technology innovation hub in Cairo, Egypt, sits on the advisory board for iceHubs Global CIC.
  2. Remi Elias Mekki, co-founder of MigrantHire, on a mission to help 10 000 refugees get German jobs in 2016; ambassador for entrepreneurship as a way of changing the world.
  3. Elisabeth Schmit, expert at Startup Meter project, enpact. Elisabeth did a comprehensive evaluation of Tunis startup ecosystem, identifying opportunities and barriers for new founders.

Event takes place in Berlin, pleae register here: Facebook | Eventbrite