Alfonso von Wunschheim

FutureVents Early Stage
Mentor Year
business development, eCommerce, financing, finTech, fundraising, investment, IT, strategy, team building, tech entrepreneur, venture capital | VC

Mentor 2015 / 2017

Alfonso von Wunschheim started his first company, an IT-consultancy firm, at age 19 in Basel, Switzerland. He invested the cash flow into new ventures, including in 1999, just before the dot-com bubble burst that triggered the loss of most of his investment, leaving him many lessons learnt.  At 24, he became CEO of (now and established the service as number 2 in the Swiss e-brokerage market. He also served as part of Xing’s country management in Switzerland and attended MIT as a Sloan Fellow.

In 2009 Alfonso took over the CEO position of and turned the service into one of the top three sites and mobile apps in Switzerland. He now serves as managing director of FutureVents Early Stage, his personal investment and consulting boutique, and spends his time in Hamburg and Zurich.