Ansgar Oberholz

St. Oberholz
Mentor Year
below the line marketing, brand positioning, creative thinking, spirituality and business, team building

Ansgar Oberholz is co-founder of St. Oberholz, an internationally renown creative hub in Berlin that includes a co-working space, conference rooms, a coffee shop and several apartments. Prior to that, he worked as a musician and software producer. He also founded an agency for visual communication as well as a model agency.
Today, Ansgar Oberholz is considered a veteran of the entrepreneurial scene and an expert for the phenomena of the Berlin new work style. He is trustee of the Awesome Foundation, mentor at the Start-up Institute Berlin, and runs his own small publishing house. In 2012 his entrepreneurial novel “Für hier oder zum Mitnehmen?” (For Here or Takeaway?) was published by Ullstein Berlin.