Berthold Heinemann

Mai Asia/ Mai Minds
Mentor Year
Brand Damage, Brand Development, Brand Value, innovation, Internationalization, Launch Strategies, marketing, startups, sustainability

Bob’s focus is on systematic management of Brand Management and Brand Value, thus building long-term shareholder value. He is trained and experienced to understand the intersections of marketing, finance, legal and creative disciplines that help firms in pre-launch, going-concern, investment, JV’s, M&A and IPO. During his career, he has served some of the world’s finest companies in more than 40 countries. His involvement in numerous startups, launches and restructuring efforts gives him a deep understanding of what builds Brand and Corporate Value. Bob has in-depth experience in running multi-country integrated communication campaigns, including PR/ CSR. He has significant experience in Europe, the USA and Asia. Bob is familiar with the challenges in emerging markets.