Maha Alusi

alusi candles
Mentor Year
creative thinking, empowering oneself & others, happiness, innovation, social entrepreneurship, visionary thinking, visualisation of thoughts and visions

Mentor 2016 / 2017

Maha’s profession is time. Her favourite sentence is : “we can write our future”. She believes that the key to turning a vision into a reality is to visualise it.

In 2004, Maha founded “alusi multi-flame candles” which is now an international enterprise which designs, produces and sells worldwide-patented candle-innovation products. The beginning was a vision she visualised for many individuals to see, to understand, to join and to make real. Today an international team in Canada, Ireland and Germany works together on running this enterprise. Selling in 50+ countries and more than 6,000 shops.

In her Time Akademie in Berlin, she teaches a time concept of happiness which she also visualises in her 2010 Tedx talk and in her book, “Moments of Happiness”.