Salah Isayyied

MEG for Consultancy
Mentor Year
business development, corporate business, Germany, human resources | HR, logistics, management, Middle East, organisational development, telecommunication, transportation

Mentor 2016 / 2017

Salah Isayyied is a German-Jordanian telecommunication engineer with international experience. Through his professional track as executive in telecom and transport sectors he gained experience in management, organisation, HR and business development in Germany and Middle East.

Today he is founder and CEO of two startups, MEG for Consultancy in Amman and International HuMan Power in Berlin, providing consultancy services for recruiting and integration of International Expats, from Middle East and Refugees, in German labour market, as well as linking together the startup communities in Germany and Jordan. His passion is to work with and connect humans for better intercultural understanding, for better life, better cooperation and better startup.