Asetila Köstinger

Köstinger Consulting

Vienna ꓭusiness Bridge is a facility provided to companies from the whole world that want to internationalize in the EU. “VꓭB is your business springboard to the European Union“

Asetila Köstinger, is an Entrepreneur, Export Manager, InterCultural Manager, multilingual Public Speaker and proud mother of an 8 years old.

The Austrian International Business Manager CMC and prospective Dr. phil. came to the conclusion that having a multicultural layered background is actually a strength. And a small, but export heavy nation like Austria, acting as the gate of Europe, can best use the capabilities of people like her. Thus, she developed herself in international cooperation and SME competitiveness by working very closely with the Chamber of Commerce of Austria. Today she consults SMEs around the world, trains and lectures in different Universities in many countries.

Vienna ꓭusiness Bridge VꓭB is featured by Köstinger International Consulting. Vienna has been historically the capital of Central and Eastern Europe by virtue of empire, economy and politics. VꓭB intends to use this position of Vienna as Bridge between the east and the west to help world companies to internationalize in the EU. The service is provided in many stages starting with blended capacity building till counseling, advising, b2b matching etc.